This half term I was lucky enough to go away for a few days to Paris. I'd only been once before when I was about seven and all I could really remember were the obvious things like the Eiffel Tower. Of course, this time I had more important things on my mind... shopping. It sounds strange but I ended up buying only one thing when I was in Paris, and that was film for my camera because I ran out. And yet I didn't feel dissapointed at all! In those few days I did some of the best window shopping I'd ever done. The problem with Paris is that everything is SO expensive, but the shops are designed so beautifully, and the items to buy and so interesting and unique that Paris is more about the 'shopping experience' than actually buying anything.

My favourite shops in Paris, and the ones that it is most famous for, are the concept stores. These sell a huge variety of items from brightly coloured watches, to old fashioned style radios, to books about graffiti and so much more. A good way to explain it to someone who doesn't know what a concept store is, is probably to say that it's a bit like Urban Outfitters (although Urban Outfitters is sort of a copy of the Parisian stores). The most famous concept store in Paris is called Colette and it was the first one. I was amazing and I loved practically everything in it: the hi-tech gadgets, the independent fashion magazines, the designer clothes and the random, brightly coloured bits and bobs displayed by the checkout. 

As well as the concept stores the clothes shops were also amazing (I know, a bit obvious - it's Paris!). While shopping and also just seeing people on the street I realised that there are two main distinct looks that most Parisians seem to go for. There is the one that most people associate with fashion in Paris which is the very sleek and modern, yet also classic look, usually in a colour palette of black, white, grey and nude. This style is simple yet it looks so refined and expensive. The other style was not what I expected at all, it was mainly seen on young males and it was a sort of slightly geek chic, slightly grungey look. The uniform is:

- vintage jeans, either skinny or baggy, but, if the latter, then rolled up above the ankle
- a shirt, buttoned to the top
- a statement coat or jacket

The accessories seemed the most important part:

- modern, chunky watches
- brightly coloured headphones, either peeping out their bags or slung around their necks
- and most importantly a pair of nike high tops, in most cases blazers, or a pair of battered converse

This look is quite a general one in the sense that you see it often, in many cities, but for some reason I noticed it much more in Paris. Perhaps it was because they were doing something slightly different, or maybe they just wore it better.

Here are some photos from my trip...


American Apparel Flea Market

Today I went to the American Apparel Flea Market sale and it was incredible! I love American Apparel clothes so much but the prices are just way to high for me, so this was a perfect opportunity for me to stock up on it but not have to pay as much as usual. I expected the sale to be so disorganised and messy but in fact it was done so well, with clothes hung neatly on rales and everything marked really clearly. The clothes weren't in the best condition, there were a lot of missing buttons and broken zips but I think the low prices made up for that. I also expected only the unpopular items and colours to be sold but there was actually a really great range of items and in almost all the colours. If you're going to go then I'd say that the most important thing is that you arrive really early because all the good clothes got taken in the first hour.

Here's what I got:

I worked out after that I saved about £120 pounds from if I had bought it all in a shop! If you're in London or there is another American Apparel Sale near you I would definitely recommend it.



A key look this season is luxury and glamour and a material that encapsulates this trend perfectly is velvet. I personally love velvet and the many things that can be done with this versatile material. It can be used for all types of clothing from dresses to shorts and bags to shoes. And there are so many ways of wearing it too, whether you go for a completely glamourous look with a velvet evening dress or if you incorporate it into your everyday outfit with a pair of velvet shorts or a velvet accessory. A style I think that looks great with velvet is a sort of grungey style - I love that look of velvet shorts, ripped tights and Dr Martens. Colours to look out for are wine, forest green and navy.







The Ten Autumn Must Haves

We're well into October so this means it's time to give up hope that there will be any more nice weather and to pack away your pretty floral dresses and tiny denim shorts and to bring on the cosy knits and amazing boots. This post is going to be your go to list for everything you will need to survive the trends (and weather!) of this season, so here are you autumn must haves:

1. A Massive Wooly Jumper:

The quirky the print or the weirder the colours the better. I'd say go for vintage because you can save so much money and you can get more interesting and unique ones.


2. Futuristic Heels

Metallic, graphic prints or minimalistic, all options will add edge to a simple dress.


3. A Classic Blazer

Go for a very British look with tweed or elbow patches.

Nasty Gal

4. Wine Coloured Trousers.

Whether its denim, corduroy or even velvet this is the colour to be wearing this season.

Blank NYC

5. A Coat With Texture

No matter what shape or style the coat is, a fur detail, fake of course, brings it right into this season. (You may want to try customising an old coat or jacket)

Pins and Needles

6. Long Thick Socks

Wear them scrunched down with a pair of military/worker boots.

Urban Outfitters

7. A Velvet Dress

Must be in a deep jewel tone.


8. Berry Lipstick

A dark berry colour for your lips, looks good matte or with a shine.

Topshop Makeup

9. Biker Boots

In my opinion the most important item on this list, go with any outfit and for any occasion.


10. Black Liquid Liner Pen

This season this is a must to get those perfect 60's style cat eyes. I recommend mac for the thinnest and most precise line.