The Rag & Bone AW collection is literally made for me; it focused on my two favourite items of clothing, jackets and jumpers, which I have to admit I have way too many of. I love the aviator influences in the collection with the shearling collars and bomber jackets. I feel like the whole aviation trend has been overdone over the past few years but here it's been updated by contrasting it with heritage style cigarette trousers and houndstooth prints. This collection brings together the designers classic British roots and the sleeker style of New York city, where they are based. 



It's been almost a year since my last post but I finally decided to end my hiatus and get back on the blogging bandwagon. I'm not going to make any pathetic excuses for not blogging I'll just admit that I got a bit lazy and sort of lost my incentive. But since fashion week has come round once again I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to return.

To kickstart my return to blogging I thought I would start off with a simple inspiration post of things I've been loving recently...