In Love with Richard Chai Love

I was planning on doing a post of New York fashion week so far, but, while looking through the many photos of all the shows, I kind of fell in love with the Richard Chai Love collection. I ended up not being able to choose only a few looks from the collection so I decided to just dedicate this whole post to it.

This collection includes everything a Spring Summer collection should have, pretty florals, utilitarian jackets, bright lipstick, floaty dresses, pastel colours, and androgynous shoes and blazers. The whole lot jumbled together gives a perfect outcome of feminine looks with a slight edge, exactly the style I love for the Spring and Summer months. Layering is used very well in this collection with a sheer, studded t-shirt over a girly, floral dress, giving it the added kick that it needs. The collection also shows us what can be achieved my mis-matching prints by pairing a monochrome, striped blazer and a floaty, floral maxi skirt. The contrast between the harsh stripes and the soft shapes of the flowers and the material they are printed on is beautiful. When looking at a collection it isn't always the things that you notice first that are the best. When taking a closer look at the photos I noticed that cut out shoulders were used often. Details such as this give a collection an extra interesting twist, that makes the clothes just a tiny bit more amazing.


  1. Richard Chai's collection was truly beautiful! Love the prints and even the pops of colour on the lips... thx for sharing :)

    xoxo, Ally


  2. ~wonderful looks--I especially love the second to last dress