New Features

Just using this post to alert everyone to a few new features on my blog.

Firstly I have a page about advertising so if you're a business, shop or another blog and are interested in advertising please click on the link and contact me.

And the second new feature is my question and answer page so if you have any questions (preferably fashion related, but it doesn't have to be) then don't be shy just click the link and send me a question and I will answer it and the answer will appear on that page. The questions will all be asked anonymously (unless you have tumblr and want me to know who you are) so don't worry about asking weird or embarrassing questions.


  1. great blog im following ~:)

    hope you will follow mine :)



  2. will keep the new features in mind! :)


  3. Sounds like some fun changes. P.S. My sister's name is Kira :) You don't run into too many of them. I love the name!

  4. Fun! I've thought about placing advertising all on one page but then I figure no one will want to click the page in the first place! lol But I could be wrong..

  5. hahah alycia thats true ive only ever met one other person called kira!

    and alyssa i think youre right thats why im putting my advertising along the side of my blog