TopShop Unique AW 12/13

Firstly I just want to apologise for my serious lack of posts recently! I've been away but I promise I will post a lot more regularly from now on, especially since it's such an important time in fashion right now: London Fashion Week!

I feel like I'm always blogging about TopShop Unique but I have to say that the AW 12/13 is so amazing! So far it's one of my favourites of London Fashion Week. This season it left behind its playful and sometimes gimmicky aesthetic for a much more mature and sophisticated look. The colour palette was a perfect mix of khakis, blacks, browns and other autumnal hues and there was a big military influence which I have to admit isn't exactly ground breaking for an AW collection. But what the collection lacked in new ideas and excitement it definitely made up for in quality, cut and its perfect layering.

Texture was used immaculately with wool and leather featuring heavily and outerwear was a main focus of the collection. Although there was a few more risque cut out pieces and bustiers the collection still held its tone of elegance and sophistication.


  1. i'd love to own that coat in the second photo!

  2. such a nice post, I love the red& black sweater !!


  3. great post, i love the colours x

  4. I love their new collection, great photos, I hope you will follow my blog



  5. This really is such a strong collection. xx