Favourites From Fashion Week

AshishJeremy Scott
Topshop UniqueBalmain
Favourites from Fashion Week 2012/13
Ashish: This look encapsulates the perfectly random aesthetic that Ashish has mastered. Who would have ever thought that baggy board shorts over sequined cigarette trousers could look so good? But it’s this carefree spirit of mismatched shapes that makes it work. The muted pinks work beautifully with the grey and gold and the soles of the creeper boots give it that final pop that Ashish never fails to deliver.
Jeremy Scott: Once again Jeremy Scott delivers a lively, brightly coloured collection, full of pop culture references and graphic imagery. The look is young and vibrant and is a nod to how media is shaping the world today. It’s a fusion of  the 90’s and now; with 90’s images such as Bart Simpson, but displayed on a modern Mac Desktop. This combination is a perfect representation of today’s youth culture and its obsession with its past.
line: Seeing clean lines and perfect tailoring in Céline is nothing new, but not many can master simplicity as beautifully as Phoebe Philo does in this collection. Here we see a wonderfully structured boyfriend jacket, a favourite with Philo, finished off flawlessly with textured lapels. It’s details like these that turn a well-made jacket into a beautiful piece of high fashion.
Chloé: Chloé keeps it simple and wearable in their signature palette of soft hues. The tousled hair and bare faces of the models gave the show a fresh and carefree vibe while still remaining graceful and chic at all times. The highlight of this look (and the show overall) is the beautiful outerwear: bold, structured shapes made delicate with pastel colours and classic quilting. The look manages to be pretty without seeming too dainty or prim; the perfect balance between girl and woman.
Topshop Unique: This season, Topshop Unique left behind it’s quirky, playful and sometimes even gimmicky aesthetic for a more elegant and mature look. Gone were the crazy afros and loud prints of previous collections, and in their place were beautiful autumnal hues and layering at its best. The use of texture is perfectly complimented by the heavy utility boots and zip details which add a biker edge.
Balmain: Balmain is back with another collection full of drama and intrigue. The look is a luxurious take on the baroque period, with tapestry designs, gold detailing and a dark, mysterious edge. The rock ‘n’ roll vibe that Balmain is so famous for is still a driving force in this collection but I feel like they have now developed past the obvious leather jackets and are using the style more subtly.
Photos: Vogue UK

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