Just want to start this post by saying: I'VE MISSED YOU BLOGGER! I haven't posted in like a week and I am so so so so sorry that it has been so long but I've been in Rome and I didn't have much time to write a blog post or anything. I thought since I had been in Rome I should do a post on it especially since the fashion in Rome is AMAZING! In Rome there are some very different places to shop, it's like there are two sides to it. One is the EXTREMELY expensive designer shops that line Via Condotti and some of the streets around it. I was lucky enough to be staying in an apartment right in the centre of this area so I was able to window shop to my hearts content. 

Then there is the other side to shopping in Rome and this is the FLEA MARKETS, and once again, I know, I have a market obsession. But seriously, you have to see these markets to understand. Row upon row and pile upon pile of heaps and heaps, and I really mean HEAPS of clothes. It's like clothes heaven, if you're willing to forget the fact that 99% of these clothes are completely and utterly disgusting. The only the way to find something vaguely wearable is to dig through the masses of pink, checked dresses and green stripy waistcoats and finally find something you like. But trust me, it is worth it. And this is because the majority of items are priced €1 - €3. I managed to buy a bangle, two jumpers, a t-shirt, jeans and coat for only €8! Right now these items of clothing are being THOROUGHLY cleaned in the washing machine but I'll show you them soon. 

The last one is my brother in some incredibly sexilicious glasses

Finally, here are some more photos I took in Rome...

Ciao for now. 


  1. grrr want the boots in the shop window xxx

  2. I agree those studded boots are amazing! Omg studs are totally in right now, you should check out cymassuh.tumblr.com, so you can see this amazing designer who works with studs but they're on vintage denim shorts! Everyone on tumblr is obsessed with shorts, and so am I. :)