Tummy Time

It seems that every time a glimmer of sun breaks through the clouds the designers practically tear the clothes off their models and send them down the runway half naked. It's like spring will never go by without the 'less is more' look being in fashion. But the question is which body part will we be baring this season, what 'barely there' item will you be wearing? Crop tops. These have been done so many times throughout the years and in so many ways, but don't worry the look we're going for this season is definitely not Britney Spears in the 90's

The look to go for instead is a loose crop top paired with high waisted trousers, shorts or skirt, so that just a sliver of stomach is shown. For the look the be most flattering the line of stomach shown should be at the smallest part of your waist. Many celebrities are wearing this trend:

And here's the look on the runway...

Yves Saint Laurent

Paul and Joe

And heres how to take the look from the runway to the high street





Pepe Jeans 

Stolen Girlfriends Club




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