Writer's Block

I know I haven't posted in ages but I've been working on this one post for about four days and I keep adding stuff and deleting parts but I still feel like I haven't finished it, so instead of just not doing a post for another week I thought I'd just do a quicky. So, anyway I have a bat mitzvah on Saturday and I got some new shoes for it and I am actually OBSESSED with them so I thought I would show you....

They are actually WAY brighter in real life and for the party I'm wearing them with this really bright pinky purple dress for a colour blocking style.

Oh and by the way another 'good' post will be coming soon!


  1. the bat mitzvah is on sunday you tard

  2. Cute...where are they from?


  3. Gorgeous! My favourite heels are bright blue :) Where are they from? I'm crazily searching for a nice pair of wedges to wear to a black tie ball on cobblestones!