Since I started this blog all I've really written about is fashion so for this post I thought I'd do something about me! Now don't think I'm all self obsessed and annoying I just thought it would be fun to do a post on what I'm loving at the moment (even though most of it is probably fashion related)...

1. LOVE (the magazine)

I bought my first issue of LOVE on the weekend and it is actually amazing. The editorials are so edgy and experimental and the photography is amazing.

2. Free People 

I always show their clothes in my blog and I actually love every single item! They have such a boho, hippyish style which looks so laid back, relaxed and summery...

3. Wedges

I just bought a new pair on the weekend, you can see a pic if you look at my last post, and now I'm on the hunt for a more day timey pair to wear with a pretty floral dress or denim shorts...

4. Random Charms

Forget hearts, flowers and stars, I love quirky and weird charms on my jewellery. There is a really cool stall in Camden Market that sells jewellery made out of old toys such as lego and they have some fun items. Accessories like this can add a playful edge to any look. Here are some examples...

4. Lip Tints

Lipgloss - your hair gets stuck in it and it looks a bit gloopy
Lipstick - a bit to smart for most occasions and it's quite grownup looking

So the only option left is ... LIP TINTS! I have two lip tints and I use them all the time, they are so useful as they stay on for ages and they don't look to 'done up' if you know what I mean, they are just a bit more subtle. You can also use them on your cheeks to add some subtle colour which is really useful.

The two I have are:

Benefit Posie Tint

Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in Rose Pink

5. Lomography

This is a brand of toy cameras (not actually toys - just means they are inexpensive film box cameras made out of plastic). The photos have many imperfections such as vignetting, distortion and exaggerated colours however these are what makes the photos taken on them so unique. I have the Diana Mini which I take EVERYWHERE with me and constantly take photos on it...

I recently bought my Dad the Fisheye, for his anniversary, which takes wide angle, circular shots. I will definitely be 'borrowing' it...


  1. I love wedges and I have that Lomo camera! It's such a cool camera!!

    Nice blog!

    xo thefashionguitar

  2. You're such an inspiration!
    I love all the wedges, I'm also on the hunt for some new cool ones, they're so comfortable but cool and give you that extra height at the same time - perfect!
    Also I love all the quirky jewellery especially the 'N-E-R-D' rings and teacup ring. SO cool.
    I also love 'LOVE'! I'm obsessed!
    Such a great post.

  3. love those unique jewelery! :)


  4. ooh going to have to check out Love magazine i think :) and those last wedges are a beaut. actually, all of these things are beauts.. you have good taste! hahah
    such a sweet blog, x

  5. Great post.


  6. Great post, its always nice to hear about other peoples favorites. The Love magazine looked really interesting. I really liked the editorial witht the shiny models

  7. I love free people! And wedges are perfect for spring :)


  8. I'm in love with Love magazine. And we have also one Lomo Diana mini pink :)
    visit me and we can follow each other, if you want!


  9. awwwwww i love the toycameras :D i want one too !

  10. 2. love free people but I've never been able to convince myself to actually buy anything from them. and then I always regret it when my size goes out of stock. it's pretty sad
    3. wedges are amazing I completely agree. amen.
    4. I'm scared of lip tints ever since I bough some shitty stuff once that smelled terrible.

  11. Love those wedges too!
    Following you!