East London

Today I went to East London, for the first time in my life, to do some shopping. I went to the many vintage shops and cool boutiques along Hanbury St and looked around the Sunday UpMarket, Spitalfields Market, and this small vintage market in a church. I couldn't believe I hadn't been before because it was exactly the kind of place that I love to shop in. I have a bit of an obsession with markets so this area was perfect for me, there were about six markets but I only had a chance to have a look around two of them (and also the small one in the church but it doesn't really count), so I'll definitely be going back soon. If you haven't been to this area before I would definitely recommend it. It has some of the best vintage shops I've ever been to, and some really quirky boutiques with individual pieces. My favourite shops of the day were...

1. A boutique called Olga de Polga, which had a few vintage pieces but mainly some really interesting new designs. I bought a white crocheted skirt which I will wear over a black bodycon skirt. There was a big range of styles, with some vintage inspired pieces but also some really modern looking items.

2. Absolute Vintage, which I'm sure you have guessed is a vintage shop. It was actually one of the best I've ever been to. It had sooooooo many pairs of shoes it was amazing! And also loads of really cool vintage bags. There weren't actually that many clothing items but the amount of accessories made up for it. At this shop I bought a pair of vintage converse:

3. The Lomography shop. This shop is AMAZING. It sells all the different lomography cameras and I have to say I think I have a slight obsession over them. Something about them is just so cool! I have the Diana F+ so I got this really cool film for it which makes the colours all weird and interesting.

My favourite place that I went to was the Sunday Up Market. It's this huge indoor market that has a really big variety of stalls, from jewellery made out of lego to t-shirts with ballerinas printed on them. My favourite stall was definitely this vintage stall that sold accessories from the 70's and 80's. They had some amazing brightly coloured satchels and really quirky big sunglasses. The stall was called standout vintage and they gave me a website but it's not working, but if you want to try it and see if it works then its standoutvintage.yolasite.com

These are photos of the standout vintage stall

Here are some other photos I took today


  1. i definitely have to check out some of those stores when i go to london..thanks for your post! :-)
    love, sabrina


  2. great post and lovely pictures.
    so many great items in a post. how fun!

  3. love the crochet!
    come visit COSMICaroline soon and see the brand new layout, revamped looks, and the work of my new photographer!


  4. Oh, how I love London - it is perfection! :)

  5. inspired photos...very nice!!!

    my fashion blog http://vintageisthenewblack-mary.blogspot.com/

  6. Love love love East London, especially Spitalfields! Absolute Vintage is so amazing... I'm living in Dublin at the moment, and East London shopping is definitely one of the things I miss most! Glad you enjoyed your trip :)