House Fashion

So, every year my school has a house fashion show where each house is given a different category and then students from the different houses make designs to be shown in a fashion show and the house with the best designs wins.
This year the house's themes are based on different landscapes and what kind of people live in them. My house's theme is 'Piste Noir' which means black run. I mean seriously, what is that supposed to mean?! Apparently it's 'smooth, deep, pearly colours, neon glows, and chrome and silver reflections'. But to be honest I have no idea how that has anything to do with a ski slope.

I'm definitely going to be designing something but I have no idea what...
Here's some things I'm going to use for inspiration:

I know they all seem really random but the category is so wide I don't really know what to do! I think I'm going to do something that is kind of fall/winter 2009 style because that is quite neon/chrome futuristic looking like with the Marc Jacobs purple cape and the studded Balmain dress.

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