Portobello Market

Yesterday I went to Portobello Market so I thought I would do a post on it. It's one of my favourite markets in London because it has a really good mix of vintage, antiques, new clothes and other random bits and bobs. There are also some great boutiques in this area around the market. I'd say my favourites are:

Appletree: Good for brightly coloured clothes, fun, printed crop tops and quirky jumpers.

Millau: More sophisticated style, chiffon shirts and crop tops, lace dresses and cropped jackets.

One of a Kind: WAY out of my price range but I'd say it's one of the best vintage shops in london, with loads of unique designer pieces. Fun for looking but not so much for buying as it's really expensive.

Wafflemeister: Okay, I know this isn't exactly a fashion boutique but I just had to put it on here! The waffles are actually amazing!

And then I also love all the stalls all the way along Portobello Road. The fashion ones are spread all the way up throughout the whole of the market. It starts at the south of the road, the antique section, where vintage bags, shoes, jewellery, fur and antique lace is sold. The middle section of the road isn't that great for clothes stalls but there are a few ones selling jewellery and some amazing food stands, my favourite being the churros one..mmmm. Once you get to the Westway end of the market though, there are loads of fashion stalls! Most of them are under this white roof thing and they sell great vintage clothes but there's also a lot of new designers selling their clothes. When I was there yesterday I got this amazing cream, chiffon shirt from one of the new designer stalls.

Here are some photos I took:


  1. lusms your blog bbz

  2. I've never heard of Portobello Market, but it sure sounds like fun!

  3. Those bracelets are to die for, great post.


  4. One of the most colorful locations on the planet - love Portobello Market!! :)

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  6. Love those photos.. the bangles are amazing.
    Great colours
    lee x