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It's menswear fashion week in Milan so I thought I'd do a post on women wearing mens clothes. I'd say I'm a guilty clothes thief, almost every outfit I wear contains an item I've 'borrowed' from one of my family members, but the weird thing is quite often it's my brother or dad I'm stealing from not my mum. The 'stolen from your boyfriend' look is very fashionable right now and it's one of my favourite ways of stopping an outfit from looking too girly. I'll often pair a lacy top or dress with one of my dad's old denim shirts and recently I've been wearing my brothers scarf and hat that I bought him from topman for Christmas. Another item that was originally a men's item but in the last year has been wore by woman are brogues - I admit I have yet to brave the brogue as I have embarrassingly big feet and am scared they will just make them look even bigger! A few day ago I actually found a great pair on the Topshop website that were more feminine and less clunky than other designs I've seen so I may go pick up a pair of them soon...

By the way sorry for such a bad photo but I'm doing this post on my itouch!

You may even be dressing in this style without realising. For example, a large percentage of American Apparels items are unisex so you could be dressing in menswear style clothes without even knowing it.

Many fashion icons have androgynous styles or at least elements to their style such as
Alexa Chung, who often wears brogues and menswear inspired tailored pieces and Agyness Deyn with her short boyish hair and tomboy style.

Don't be afraid to try out this style! Next time you're in a shop why not quickly check out the mens section, you could be pleasantly surprised...

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